Class Types


Intended for the true beginner or those with little or no Iyengar yoga experience.  This class teaches the basics with emphasis on standing poses to encourage strength and alignment of the body.


A minimum of one year Iyengar-style yoga experience is expected for this class although intrepid non-whiners are invited as well! Some knowledge of Sanskrit names is essential. More challenging poses may be introduced but the focus is in-depth work of previous postures as well as development of strength and stamina within the asanas.

All Levels

Although some yoga knowledge is assumed, beginners and advanced students are welcome to this class. Instructors build the class to challenge advanced students while giving beginner students modifications for their comfort level.


This class links one pose to the next with very little “downtime” between the poses, thus building strength and stamina along with cardiovascular endurance.


A longer, more intense version of the all levels class offered approximately once every two months, usually on Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM.


An excellent supplement to your classes and quite useful as a first step to determine class placement.

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